About Me - From Months Of Travel Backpacking To Launching A Company

About Me - From Months Of Travel Backpacking To Launching A Company

About Me: Mark Cipollina

Founder of Generation Nomad - Avid Travel Backpacker

Travel backpacking has always been a huge passion of mine. It was always the one thing I could look forward to in life. I'm the kind of guy that feels naked (metaphorically) if I don't have a future trip scheduled or flight booked. I have traveled to every continent, lived full-time in several countries, and even speak 3 languages.

Back in my college days, I studied International Business and Spanish. After trying to balance travel with a typical corporate job, I had to call it a quits. If travel is such a passion of mine, how can I realistically be happy with the two weeks of annual vacation that Corporate America offers with an on-site job. When I left my corporate job is when I learned that I can enjoy my biggest passion, feed my creativity, and solve problems travel backpackers often encounter. 

Luxor Egypt   Albania

 (Luxor, Egypt & Berat, Albania)

That 5-Month Backpacking Trip

I was on a 5-month backpacking trip from Egypt to England when I came up with the idea of Generation Nomad™. It stemmed from conceptualizing our soon-to-be-launched, patent-pending, privacy and storage structure for dormitory bunk beds. Over breakfast in Spain with two hostel roommates, the subject of the privacy curtains that some hostel dormitories install on each bed came up. One roommate mentioned how he would pay a premium to stay at hostels that have curtains while another roommate brought to our attention how disgusted she felt by these same curtains so close to her face.

I kept thinking about that conversation as I continued my backpacking trip. Could I develop a traveler’s own personal privacy structure that can be ultra-lightweight and easy to clean and transport?

Could I design it in such a way that would offer privacy without discouraging communication and friendliness among roommates? Could it function with both top and bottom bunk beds and different types of bed frames and mattresses?

I remember another conversation I had with the owner of a high-end hostel in Portugal that had top-notch amenities especially for digital nomads. The owner of the hostel came up to me and we instantly hit it off over a cup of coffee. I asked him about installing curtains on bunk beds. At that time, I couldn't understand why a high-end hostel didn't install curtains in their dorms. He mentioned the price to install them, the liability, the cleanliness, and price of replacing curtains and rods as to factors why he decided against it. We continued to speak about how privacy is not just a hostel issue but also a problem for everybody who stays at dormitories such as college dorms, summer camps, aviation crash pads, military barracks etc.

Galicia Spain   London England

(Galicia, Spain & London, England)

Meeting Other Travel Backpackers

On my journey, I continued to pick the brains of other travelers I met along the way. These conversations always lead to comparing travel accessories and discussing which products, designs, and materials work best for backpack travelers. It was at this time when I was in Albania when my packing cubes ripped and other travelers and I discussed what would make the perfect Compression Packing Cubes and that is how our first product launched.

What was also interesting to hear was that even the most minimalistic travel backpackers always had that 'one item' that they didn't really 'need' but were happy they brought along, such as portable speakers or a deck of cards. My new favorite item that I discovered was the Bluetooth Wireless Sleep Mask. It is great because you can sleep comfortably and listen to soft music and it functions both as an eye mask and earplugs. It is one of the first products I made sure to offer on Generation Nomad™

It was only natural that Generation Nomad™ developed from these conversations to bring a collection of lightweight and durable travel essentials to the market designed and curated specifically for Travel Backpackers such as Collapsible Travel Water Bottles or the perfect sized Backpacker's Toiletry Bag.

Our Team Grows

Fast forward, Generation Nomad now sells and ships to over 40 countries with hundreds of happy Travel Backpackers. Throughout the months, we have collaborated with a handful of select industry professionals and bloggers on a lot. This includes developing The Ultimate Guide to Travel Backpacking to the research and development of new products. Making new products that are lighter and more efficient for the needs of all Travel Backpackers.

In addition, we have partnered with 3PL warehouses and suppliers so our products are closer to our customers. We now have presence in North America, Europe, and Australia. We have donated hundreds of dollars to select foundations and have been featured in a handful of publications. We're just a few months away to launching our patented product and couldn't be happier for what the team has accomplished. Stay tuned to what we have in store next!



I’m Mark, the Founder of Generation Nomad, Avid Travel Backpacker & Digital Nomad. I am passionate about helping others discover the world through my experiences. I solo backpacked for months at a time, lived abroad, and even speak two foreign languages. Besides collaborating on the best lightweight travel accessories for Travel Backpackers, I also love sharing my travel photography.
Favorite Trips: Spain, Egypt & Vietnam 
Favorite Cuisines: Italian, Peruvian & Japanese
Quote: “Be a circle and just roll with it” 


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