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Essentials When Backpacking Europe - Full Travel Backpacking Checklist

Travel Backpackers are defined by their desire to experience the world authentically to truly absorb the essence of a destination. Within the scope of the Travel Backpacker community, we find a wide range of people and accessories they need for their travels. Before we get into a full backpacking checklist and backpacking necessities, let's discuss the different types of travel backpackers.

Travel Backpacking Checklist

Travel Backpacking Accessories:

Optional Travel Accessories:

Travel Backpacking Clothing:

 Additional Clothing for Colder Climates:


And of course, a backpack!


 What Size Backpacking Pack Do You Need? Can Backpacking Packs Be Carry Ons?

The size of a backpacking pack for backpack travellers can vary depending on several factors such as the climate of the destination, the individual's packing style, duration, what they will be doing on travels etc. However, a common recommendation is to aim for a pack with a capacity ranging from 40 to 70 litres.

Let me rephrase that, you should aim for 40-70 liters of space in your backpack(s). Personally, I like to bring two smaller backpacks on my travels. This two-bag dynamic distributes the weight better and it saves you stress if you are dealing with airlines and their baggage restrictions. I also travel with my laptop so I can work remotely and this adds a decent amount of weight.  So I'll travel with a 40L backpack and a smaller 20L backpack. What is also nice about a 40/45L backpacking pack is that they function as carry ons.


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