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Supporting Morocco: Donating to the High Atlas Foundation

We are heartbroken to hear about the devastation and loss caused by the recent earthquake in Morocco.

Morocco, a land of stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures, recently faced a natural disaster that left its mark on the High Atlas region of the country. A region so well known in the urban backpacker community. As of September 12th, over 2900 people have lost their lives and over 5500 were injured.

The earthquake that struck these mountains may have shaken the land, but it has also ignited a spirit of solidarity among people worldwide. As we witness the resilience of the affected communities, we have an opportunity to make a real difference by donating to the High Atlas Foundation.

Image from morocco earthquake in the atlas mountains

How Can We Help?

Donating to the High Atlas Foundation's earthquake relief efforts is a powerful way to contribute to the recovery and rebuilding directly in this region in need. Our support can provide immediate relief and contribute to the long-term recovery of these communities.

What Our Donation Will Achieve

  • Emergency Relief: Our donations will help provide essential supplies like food, clean water, shelter, and medical assistance to those affected by the earthquake.

  • Reconstruction: The High Atlas Foundation is committed to rebuilding homes, schools, and critical infrastructure to help restore normalcy to the area.

  • Community Empowerment: By supporting sustainable projects, your donation will enable local communities to become more resilient to future disasters.

  • Education: Our contribution ensures that children can return to safe and well-equipped schools to continue their education.

  • Agriculture and Environment: The High Atlas Foundation promotes sustainable agricultural practices that enhance food security and protect the environment.

How to Donate

Making a donation is easy and takes just a few clicks. You can contribute directly to the earthquake relief efforts of the High Atlas Foundation by following this donation link.

National Peace Corps Association | High Atlas Foundation

Join Us In Making A Difference

This is an opportunity to stand together as a global urban backpacking community and support those in need. Generation Nomad pledges to send a portion of our current proceeds directly to the High Atlas Foundation and your donation, no matter the size, will play a vital role in helping the High Atlas communities recover and rebuild their lives.


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