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What is the Difference Between A Backpacker and a Tourist? Travel Backpacker vs Tourist

A Travel Backpacker and a Tourist couldn't be any more different. Yes, they both go on vacation but they are two very different demographics that travel differently with unique motives to why they are travelling.


What is the Difference Between A Backpacker and a Tourist?

The Backpacker

  • Seeks Authentic Experiences & Embraces The Journey
  • Equipped with 40-70 liters of backpack space and lightweight travel gear
  • Budget Backpackers & Backpacker Volunteers generally 18 to early 30s years old
  • Digital Nomads & Flash Packers generally 20s to 40s years old
  • Longer durations of travel

A travel backpacker is a spirited soul fueled by wanderlust and hungry for adventure. Picture someone with a backpack slung over their shoulders and travelling off-the-beaten-path. For the backpacker, travel isn't just about ticking off bucket-list attractions; it's about immersing oneself in the culture, forging connections with locals, and embarking on spontaneous escapades.

Embracing Uncertainty: Backpackers thrive on spontaneity and are often drawn to destinations where the path isn't meticulously laid out. They embrace uncertainty, relishing the thrill of navigating through unfamiliar terrain and stumbling upon hidden gems along the way.

Cultural Immersion: Rather than merely skimming the surface, backpackers seek deep cultural immersion. They're eager to learn the local language, savor authentic cuisine, and engage in meaningful exchanges with residents, gaining insights that go beyond guidebook recommendations.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Flexibility is the name of the game for backpackers. They're accustomed to rolling with the punches, whether it's adjusting travel plans on the fly or embracing unexpected detours as part of the journey.

    The Tourist

    • Seeks Comfort & Convenience
    • Equipped with 1-2 roll-aboard suitcases filled with twice the amount of clothes they are going to use.
    • May carry a physical guidebook(s)
    • Any age
    • Shorter duration of travel

    A tourist is somebody who approaches exploration with a different set of priorities. Tourists are drawn to iconic landmarks, guided tours, and well-trodden tourist trails, seeking a curated experience that offers comfort and convenience.

    Structured Itineraries: Unlike backpackers, tourists often prefer structured itineraries that cover must-see attractions within a limited timeframe. They rely on organized tours and travel packages to streamline their experience and ensure they don't miss out on key sights.

    Familiarity and Security: Tourists tend to seek out destinations that are familiar and perceived as safe. They're less inclined to venture off the beaten path and instead opt for destinations with well-established tourism infrastructure.

    Snapshot Mentality: Rather than immersing themselves fully in the local culture, tourists often adopt a "snapshot mentality," capturing fleeting glimpses of iconic landmarks without delving deeply into the cultural nuances of their surroundings.

      (Pistachio everything in Taormina, Italy)


      When I think of tourists, I think of Taormina in Sicily. I was backpacking around Sicily for two weeks and stopped in Taormina for a few hours to walk around and have lunch. Taormina has always been touristy but the year I was there was the same year The White Lotus (filmed in Taormina) came out.
      Everything was overpriced and everybody was dressed nicely! You'd see the guests of hotels eating at the hotel restaurants. There they were charging like 50 euro for a plate of pasta and 6 euro for a bottle of water. I'm sure eating at the hotel's restaurant is nice, but you can see a tourist is trading off an authentic Italian experience for comfort. 



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