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Your gateway to a world of lightweight travel accessories and apparel designed exclusively for Backpack Travelers.

Our Mission

To empower Backpack Travelers with the tools they need to explore, discover, and live freely without the extra weight and baggage. Our focus is on lightweight and durable materials, versatile products, and clothing suitable for effortless layering and coordination. Simultaneously, our mission includes giving back to communities on the local level that have positively impacted backpackers.

Join us as we are currently supporting the High Atlas Foundation after the devastating earthquake in Morocco.

Our Passion

We understand that backpacking is more than just a form of travel; it's a way of life. We are passionate about providing you with high-quality, practical, and modern travel accessories that enhance your nomadic experience. After all, we know that everybody has fond memories of backpacking—those moments of self-discovery, unexpected encounters, and breathtaking landscapes that stay with you forever. 

Our Logo: An Emblem of Adventure

Our logo is adventurous, modern, and abstract in design. At a glance, you see a teepee, a symbol for a nomadic way of life. Yet, if you look closer, an assemblage of four individual shapes forms this teepee:

  • A Mountain: A symbol of the heights you reach during your journey and a reminder that a view is always worth the climb.
  • A Fish: An emblem of fluidity and adaptability, reminding you to go with the flow and embrace the unexpected.
  • The Sun: A representation of the warmth and joy you find in new cultures, friendships, and experiences.
  • The Moon: A nod to tranquility and a reminder that the world never sleeps, and neither should your sense of wanderlust.

Our Commitment to You

At Generation Nomad, we are committed to providing you with travel accessories that are as adventurous and versatile as you are. Our products are carefully curated to meet the unique needs of Backpack Travelers, ensuring that you can roam the world with confidence, style, and convenience.

Whether you're embarking on a solo expedition or planning a group adventure, Generation Nomad is here to support your journey. We invite you to explore our collection and join us in celebrating the nomadic spirit that lives within us all.