Which Country Is Best For Backpackers

Which Country Is Best For Backpackers?

You can Travel Backpack to any country in the world (as long as you meet the country’s visa requirements). However, there are definitely countries that are easier for the backpacking community. Easier countries are more developed and have really good transportation options. They also have their areas of interests for Travel Backpackers closer to each other instead of more spread out. We’ll list some most frequently visited countries for Travel Backpackers below in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories.

Which Country Is Best For Backpackers?

If you are a Budget Packer, there are definitely some countries from the list above that are more budget friendly than others. Think more Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central America, and South America. They include Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Philippines, and Laos.

I feel the USA, Canada, and Australia should be in their own category. Of course they are developed and English speaking countries but they are also massive. You can find areas of each country that are easy for Travel Backpackers but some of the real beauty is quite remote and far.

Which Country Is Safest For Travelling?

Traditionally speaking, the countries that are constantly ranked among the safest for travelling are Singapore, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Slovenia, and Canada.

Which country is safest for travelling is a very popular question to ask when booking a backpacking trip. Once you begin to travel around the world, you'll notice that the world is much safer than you expect. I believe this has to do with constantly hearing the news broadcasting the horrible things going on in the world and barely the positive things.

However, if there is a country that interests you, do more specific research to see how Travel Backpackers are visiting that country. Years ago I really wanted to go to Colombia and I thought it was going to full of drug cartels and sketchy situations. Boy was I wrong! After backpacking Colombia for two weeks, I was so impressed by how safe I felt throughout the country.

We have some awesome safety advice for backpackers on our Ultimate Guide to Travel Backpacking and a full collection of safety accessories for Travel Backpackers.

(A map from Global-Monitoring.com showing the safest countries to visit. Green are low risk countries and Red are high risk countries and regions)



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