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Why Do Backpackers Go To Thailand?

Travel Backpackers love Thailand! There is not doubt about it. When the rainy season of Southeast Asia ends in Thailand in October, it seems like everybody is flocking to Thailand, but why? What draws people to this country? Whether they are a Digital Nomad, a Flash Packer, a Backpacker Volunteer or a Budget Backpacker, there is definitely something in the air in Thailand. Let's dive in. 

Why Do Backpackers Go To Thailand?


Thailand is a magnet for all different types of Travel Backpackers from all corners of the globe. Thailand's allure lies in a mix of vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine, and budget-friendly adventures. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the tranquil beaches of the Thai islands. Thailand has something for everybody.

Thai Cuisine

Of course, I'm going to start with food. Food is a universal language, and in Thailand, food speaks volumes. Thai cuisine is renowned for its bold flavors, spices, and incredible street food. Often playing with flavors that you wouldn't think would go together like curry & coconut or lime & peanut. From bowls of steaming noodles to fiery curries bursting with flavor; every Thai meal is a culinary adventure.

For Travel Backpackers, Thailand's street food scene is a godsend, offering delicious and affordable fare around every corner. Try

  • Pad Thai: This is the most iconic dishes of Thailand and you most likely have tried it before (but not in Thailand). Pad Thai is a stir-fried noodle dish, typically made with rice noodles, eggs, tofu or shrimp, bean sprouts, peanuts, lime, and chillies. The dish is loved for its blend of sweet, sour, and salty flavors.
  • Tom Yum Goong: A Thai soup that is both spicy and sour, and packed with flavor. The broth is made with ingredients like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and chilies. It is typically made with shrimp (goong), but can also be made with other types of seafood.
  • Khao Soi: A specialty of Northern Thailand (think Chiang Mai and the mountains), Khao Soi is a creamy, slightly spicy yellow curry noodle soup. It is typically served with chicken, and garnished with crispy noodles on top, along with lime wedges, pickled mustard greens, and sliced red onions on the side (MY FAVORITE).

So don't forget to fill up your collapsible water bottle, pack a cross check bag, and arrive in the Thai city center hungry.

(Khao Soi)

Nature! Lush Jungles & Pristine Beaches

Travel Backpackers can explore the lush jungles of Northern Thailand or the pristine beaches of the south. Thailand's natural beauty is nothing short of mesmerizing. Try trekking through dense forests, swim in crystal-clear waterfalls, and dive among vibrant coral reefs. If you're into nature, grab your waterproof phone bag and travel towel, you'll need it for island hopping in Southern Thailand. 

In the north, check out

Chiang Dao: Known for its beautiful trekking paths and cave exploration, including the impressive Bat Cave.
Doi Inthanon National Park: Home to the highest point in Thailand, offering stunning views and a chance to explore lush landscapes and waterfalls.

And down in Southern Thailand, don't forget to visit

Phang Nga Bay: Known for its sheer limestone karsts that jut vertically out of the emerald-green water.
Similan Islands: A little group of islands in the Andaman Sea, renowned for their crystal clear water and divers' paradise.


(Similan Islands)

Culture, Culture & More Culture!

When I think of Thailand, I think of stunning Buddhist temples with golden and colourful spires. Others may think of all the traditional Thai festivals and authentic celebrations throughout the country.

Not to sound political, but there are only a few countries in the world that were never colonized by Europeans: this includes Thailand. The reason why I bring this is up is that a lot of the Thai culture has kept the same of the years. If you compare this to Vietnam, a close neighbor to Thailand, you can see what I mean. Vietnam was colonized and under French control for over 150 years. You can see the French influence in architecture and even how the Vietnamese use the Latin alphabet. 

(Wat Phra Yai Temple)

Super Affordable

For Budget Backpackers, Thailand is a dream destination. From affordable accommodation options to inexpensive transportation and food, the cost of traveling in Thailand is significantly lower than in many Western countries. This affordability allows backpackers to stretch their budget further and indulge in more experiences, from island-hopping adventures to cultural excursions.

1 US Dollar gives you about 37 Thai Baht. With you 37 Baht, you can get 3 bottles of Coca Cola, 2 bags of potato chips, or 1 dish of fried rice or noodles (without protein). That's a lot! 1 USD can barely get you water in Western Countries. 

For Digital Nomads and slower backpackers, Thailand is amazing since you can rent a private room in a safe neighborhood for just a few hundred dollars a month. To rent a private, one bedroom apartment in Bangkok, will cost around $350-$550 per month. In Chiang Mai, it would be around $100 to $300.

Easy Travel

Navigating Thailand as a Travel Backpacker is remarkably easy since there is a well-established tourist infrastructure (and of course, friendly locals). Whether hopping on a bus, flagging down a tuk-tuk, or exploring on foot, getting around in Thailand is quite easy. English is widely spoken in tourist areas and there are a lot travel agencies offering assistance.

Try downloading the app "Grab". This is the Thai version of Uber and is everywhere! Actually much more reliable and easier than hoping your Taxi driver isn't ripping off travelers. 

I think Thailand is the perfect blend of adventure and culture. Of course the country is developing, but comfortable sense of developing. Bangkok was ranked the number one visited city for international travelers in 2023. 




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