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Generation Nomad™

Travel Essentials Set

Travel Essentials Set

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The ideal set of essential travel accessories for backpackers. From staying at dormitories to traveling on planes and trains. This set was rated the top kit for staying at hostels! Pair it these essentials when backpacking with a Quick-Dry Travel Towel and you'll be set for any backpacking adventure. The perfect set of backpacking essentials!

Combination Cable Lock – TSA approved and accessible. Flexible cable. Set your own 3-digit combination lock. Simple to program. One push opens lock with correct combo. Durable metal. Secures belongings in different style bags & hostel lockers. The most forgotten essential item when staying at hostel or dormitory!

Measures 3cm x 8.26cm (1.2 in x 3.25 in). Weighs 65g (2.3 oz). Made of Zinc Alloy Metal.

Sleep Eye Mask – Adjustable elastic single strap. Breathable. Silk Satin smooth & cloud soft on both sides. Lightweight. Non-Absorbent. Anti-wrinkle. Gender-Neutral & Adult Length. Light blocking in all sleep positions. The most comfortable sleep mask!

Measures 20.5 cm x 9.9cm (8 in x 3.75 in). Weighs 15g (0.5 oz). Made of Silk Satin.

Earplugs – Slow recovery foam. Noise cancellation. Comfortable. Stays in place. 4 ear plugs / 2 sets (because we know you will lose one). Let's not recreate the wheel; foam earplugs work!

Poly bag keeps earplugs clean before use. One size fits all. Made of PU Foam.

Drawstring Pouch – Stores ear plugs together. Lightweight. Durable drawstrings. Great to store small, last-minute items needed to take (ex. medication or vitamins) or take off (ex. jewelry or contacts) right before bed.

Measures 7cm x 9cm (2.75 in x 3.5 in)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Josephine Vallone

Just received my set. Fits well and quality is superb. I highly recommend the sleep mask and lock. I give them a 5+ rating

Dan Termini

Great on the plane

Niel Patel

perfect set - quality eye mask for sleeping

Taylor A.
Exactly what I needed

They are really comfortably and exactly what I needed. Good price! Happy Travels!


The lock was easy to figure out how to set. Durable and I used it for my entire trip. I actually wish it came with a second lock. Sleep mask is really soft and comfortable.

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