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Flat Travel Pouches For Toiletries - 3pcs TSA Approved

Flat Travel Pouches For Toiletries - 3pcs TSA Approved

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Don't buy refillable travel size bottles again! Instead, get travel pouches for toiletries that take up less room and cause less gaps in your travel toiletry bag.


  • Sold as a set of 3 pouches. You can get all the same size pouches or a variety pack.
  • Dispenser pouches are for liquids and pastes, shower gels, and shampoos.
  • Foldable design, super compressive resistance, light and durable.
  • These waterproof pouches have built-in lids which are convenient for multiple uses and easy to fill.
  • Made from PET recyclable materials
  • The maximum capacity is 100ml, which means you can take these pouches directly on the plane. TSA Approved.
  • Size: 30ml bag size: 7.8*11cm (3" x 4"), 50ml bag size: 7.8*13.5cm (3" x 5"), 100ml bag size: 7.8*16.5cm (3" x 6").

TRAVEL TIP:  There is limited space in your backpack or any baggage. When you use reusable bottles there is wasted space and gaps between the rounded bottles. These pouches lay flat against each other and permit you to regain that space for other belongings.

Customer Reviews

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Super durable and take up a lot less space in a toiletry bag. I am surprised I haven't seen more travellers with these. I've been using my set for a few weeks now and they are great!

Pavi David

I only purchased these so I could reach the free shipping threshold BUT I am so glad I did. They were perfectly and save so much space in my toiletry kit!

Kristin P

THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! They work really well and very durable.

Lester Doyle


Willow Boyer


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